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Sterling Silver and Gold two-tone necklace

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Sterling Silver and Gold two-tone necklace with rhodium and gold plating pendant.
The pendant weight: 1.95g and chain weight: 1.7g.

Skyla Jewels Recommended Care
Your jewellery will be forever admired if taken care of correctly, therefore it is important that proper care is given to ensure your pieces of jewellery always sparkle. Dust, applying hand cream, soaps and daily wear can cloud the brilliance and dull the surface of your jewellery and stones. We recommend using a silver jewellery cleaner - follow the instructions as prescribed by the manufacturer. Skyla Jewels cubic zirconia's should be given the same level of protection and respect as a diamond, even a diamond will chip/break if hit with force. Gardening and heavy lifting can expose your jewellery to damage - avoid wearing your jewellery during these activities. Hard and abrasive surfaces can damage your Skyla Jewels jewellery. Please take care to avoid any surfaces that may damage your jewellery.

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